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YELLOW TAG EVENT - SMS Digital Twin Fan Speed Controller

Highly rated by many growers in Nottingham and Mansfield. The SMS Twin Controller automatically controls the running speed of your extractor and intake fan to ensure an optimum grow room temperature. They feature the same built-in processor as the SMS Smart Controller, which calculates the exact speed your fans need to run at in order to maintain the temperature you set. The sensor constantly monitors the temperature of your grow room and increases/decreases fan speed, as required. This incremental method of fan speed adjustment provides highly accurate temperature control (accurate to +/- 1°C) and limits ventilation noise, when compared to other twin fan speed controllers that switch fans from their idle setting, straight onto full power. The SMS Twin Controller is programmed in such a way that the intake fan has a reduced airflow capacity. This helps to optimise the ideal pressure inside your grow room, ensuring that air is not forced through grow room openings and that any odour is contained. For growers with identical intake and the exhaust ventilation fans, you can adjust 'Knob 3' on the controller to increase the differential between the two fans until the desired pressure is reached.

RRP: £119.99