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PK Quality Carbon Filters

PK are industry leaders in manufacturing carbon filters and they are renowned for their quality and durability. Carbon filters are used in conjunction with a ventilation fan to clean the air traveling through the ducted system of dust, organic compounds and unwanted odours.

PK filters will effectively remove unwanted odors for up to 12 months.

  • Filter - 100mm/4"   180m3/hr (£34.99.99) Deal price £29.99
  • Filter - 125mm/5"   360m3/hr (£44.99) Deal Price £38.99
  • Filter - 150mm/6"   620m3/hr (£59.99) Deal Price £54.99
  • Filter - 200mm/8"   1000m3/hr (£109.99) Deal Price £79.99 
  • Filter - 250mm/10" 1100m3/hr (£139.99) Deal Price £129.99
​Deal price only available In Store.
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PK Quality Carbon Filters