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NEW Improved Design Atami Wilma Big 4 V2

Because Bigger is Better!

The Wilma Big 4 has been developed to offer more growing space for fewer plants, allowing you to grow big and achieve larger yields.  Born on market intelligence, the Wilma Big 4 has larger pot spacing than previous Wilma’s allowing you to grow 4 big plants in a 1.2m2 grow area. The all new Wilma uses massive 18l pots, meaning more root mass, greater nutrient uptake, bigger plants and increased yields.  This active hydro system offers you the flexibility to grow in any medium, and the ability to set feedings on a timer to suit the life stage of your plants.


  • Improved spacing between pots
  • A handy nutrient mixing tap 
  • Easier access to the reservoir

Reservoir size 50L
Size L 74cm x W 74cm H 40cm

Ideal for grow tents!

RRP: £109.99