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Maxibright Large Parabolic HPS Reflector

Becoming ever popular in Nottingham and Mansfield. The Maxibright wide angle umbrella shape reflectors are Highly recommended for grow tents and any growing environment where heat is an issue. In a horizontal reflector the lamp is mounted horizontally with the light and heat being directed downwards to the area directly beneath the reflector. With a Parabolic, the lamp is mounted vertically giving incredibly even light spread and heat dispersal. The reflector is powder coated in high gloss white and supplied flat packed, and is easy to assemble.

This reflector can be supplied with a IEC to 3 pin plug Converter for use with CFL lamps.

1000mm diameter. 
  • Guaranteed to maintain its full reflection for a minimum of 3 years!!
  • Covers 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Houses 400w and 600w HPS or MH lamps
Fixed low price of £44.99 is only available in store. Normal price £54.99
RRP: £59.99