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Maxibright Compact Ballast & Euro Reflector Light Kit 600 Watt

The ballast and lamp in this kit is manufactured by Venture Lighting in Europe for the leading British horticultural lighting supplier Maxibright, so you can rest assure your getting a quality product at a great price.

If you are on a budget and looking for a reliable complete lighting system, look no further than the Euro Reflector 600W Lighting System. Excellent value for money.

This kit comes complete with:

Maxibright Euro HPS Reflector - Offering excellent value for money, the Euro Reflector is a great choice if you're looking for a good open-ended reflector on a budget.  For a low-cost reflector, the Euro certainly comes with a host of features to maximise performance, It has a dimpled aluminum finish and a curved fold above the grow lamp, this improves light reflectivity and distribution, helping to ensure healthy and even growth. For ease of use and simple hanging, the Euro reflector also features two pull-up hanging tabs.

Covers 1.2m x 1.2m

Maxibright Compact Ballast 600w - The 600 watt Maxibright Compact Power Packs are the most compact ballast units available, fully encapsulated allowing for silent running and can run both sodium and metal halide lamps. The unit has an encapsulated choke potted in resin in an injection-moulded enclosure, which ensures silent running and heat dissipation. For a tidy installation the ballast features a wall mounting bracket.

Choice of Grow Lamps:

Maxibright HPS Lamp - 
Manufactured by venture lighting this HPS lamp is a great low cost option, if your going to be using your light for the vegetative stage we highly recommend upgrading to the Sunmaster 600W Watt HPS Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp as addition of blue light will improve vegetative growth and help prevent stretching in the first few weeks of flower. 

Sunmaster 600W Watt HPS Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp - The Sunmaster Lamp is a very popular all round lamp that offers improved spectrum but also retains its high lumen output. The improved spectrum and extra levels of blue and red light make it excellent for vegetative or flowering growth. This improved metabolic function (Chlorosynthesis, photosynthesis, etc) giving good health and a green colour. The large levels of yellow / orange inherent in the high pressure lamp ensures the plants gets lots of energy through photosynthesis for vigorous growth and high yields.
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RRP: £89.99
Maxibright Compact Ballast & Euro Reflector Light Kit 600 Watt