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Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

The Imperium Plus is a precision feed controller featuring an integrated Grasslin segmental timer that can be set to run from as little as 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button which offer’s greater control over feeding duration and frequency to match each life-stage in a plants growth. Ideal as part of an irrigation system to water plants for the exact amount of time needed. It allows you to feed little and often which will produce maximum yields and allows the use of more oxygen rich media such as a 50;50 mix of Coco and Clay pebbles that would normally dry out without more regular feeds. 

Use with:
Irrigation Systems
Wilma Systems
Flood Systems 

Grasslin timer
Push button feed and duration controller
2 integrated power sockets
Power sockets with snap-shut dust covers.
Heavy duty wall bracket  
0.5m power cable
Manufactured in the UK
800 watt capacity

Top Tip- Make an irrigation system to feed pots in saucers, the imperium Controller will allow you to set the feed pump for the the exact amount of time needed to water the plants. we would recommend that that you set the feed pump to feed until a very small amount of water comes out the bottom of the pots and this over run should be absorbed back into the pot within 10 minuets. If any water is still sat in the saucers after 10 minutes the feed time should be reduced.