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Canna Zym 1L

High quality enzyme preparation for brealing down (hemi) cellulose and stimulating the microlife. Contains more than 15 different enzymes, and is enriched with vitamins and extracts of dessert plants. Cannazym speeds up the breaking down of dead root material, activates microlife and makes better absorption of nutrients possible. On top of this the resistance against pathogens will increase.

Canna Press release:

CANNAZYM is a whole new class of intelligent enzymology plant protectors from Holland. It sets the benchmark for this natural biocatalyst, medium decomposer and improver that contains an integrated blend of more than fifteen different enzymes and special vitamins. It works by rapidly breaking down dead roots into minerals and sugars to allow for new healthier roots to form, maximising nutrient uptake. In conjunction with this, CANNAZYM captures rare desert plants which add superior, increased levels to the plants natural immune system to protect against soil pathogens. Additional biogrowth stimulants enhance overall plant growth and chemical reactions within the plant to guarantee a healthier, more powerful plant. This product has worked for all of our professional and hobbyist growers, time after time.