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Canna Coco PRO Plus 50L

Canna Coco Professional Plus is the professional plant medium that offers the gardener and his plants many advantages. Canna Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes, produced in India while processing coconuts. It is specially prepared for fast growing plants. The production process is subject to strict quality controls so we can vouch for this product’s quality.

Canna Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side effects of growing on coir. Thanks to Canna’s unique production process Canna Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases.

Canna Coco Professional Plus has a complex water/ air system that provides the ideal conditions for this professional approach to cultivation. In addition, it contains a special mould (Trichoderma) that protects the plants against soil diseases.

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RRP: £14.99